Flowers from Scarlet & Violet


Did you know that Mothering Sunday is not the same thing as Mother’s Day in the States only with with a different date? Our Mothering Sunday falls on the third Sunday in Lent and is more a Christian tradition than a celebration of motherhood.

One explanation has it that Mothering Sunday originated in the days when women and girls in service were allowed a day off to visit their mothers. Another is that it was a tradition that on this lenten Sunday people should attend their own “mother” church.

Whatever the truth may be, the greater truth is that all women share in the miracle of being born of a mother. Whether or not we are lucky enough to have children or a mother still alive, or alive in our memories, this is a day to give thanks, and also to reflect on the fact that so far nobody has managed to put us out of business in the USP of being able to give birth, although I suspect we should watch that space.


Good grief – I’m going to need a much bigger vase


Just right.


Flowers from Scarlet & Violet – one of the great joys of living in Notting Hill & North Kensington