Early in the morning, about once every six weeks, a small number of riders from one of the cavalry regiments trot up Portobello Road, presumably en route to ride out at Wormwood Scrubs or maybe just hacking round the streets.
Recently, on a sparkling spring morning, I heard the officer call a halt behind a MOD owned block of apartments that backs on Portobello. Out from the building came what I guessed to be a senior officer, and two pretty women carrying a picnic breakfast. There were pastries and coffees for the men – and even bowls of chopped carrots for the horses! Despite enquiries with ex-Army friends, I have been unable to establish which regiment this might be although I gather the Lifeguards ride black horses so this is one possibility. Any information readers can provide  is very welcome.


Chivalry is not dead! Watch carefully (apologies for the edge of the window in the frame) and see  one soldier dismount to give a female colleague a leg-up!

"Half turn right" - and off they go