Wheatpaste Street Art

Apologies from Propertyferret for the lack of posts, but the tragedy and sadness that has surrounded us in North Kensington this summer has made for a pause for reflection rather than writing.

Despite the gloomy predictions of disaster, Carnival came and went as normal, and when the Carnival tide went out it left behind this striking graffiti image, one pasted onto  what remains of Propertyferret’s famous hoarding, and another onto the flank wall of the Gate Cinema. This image is as strong as whatever is sticking it to the hoarding, so  Propertyferret  did some research into  how it might have been made.

In addition to   the widely seen  freestyle spray painting and stencils,  street art styles include Roller, using house paint with rollers on long poles for big spaces,  Clipped, when an image is partially obscured by a newer piece, and Childstyle, where the artist works in the manner of a kid’s painting . There is also Legal Wall, which features a great deal round here over the carnival weekend, where artists are paid to do the work. Propertyferret asked a guy  painting up an expanse of boarding  on the Friday before Carnival  if it was as satisfying working legally, and he said absolutely not, but he needed the money!

The image you see here is  a Wheatpaste Stencil.  The artist is CODEFC http://www.codefc.org/stencils/. The image is very strong. A dominant, formally dressed male figure with a camera for a head.    On the website there is a sculpture of this image, and more works featuring cameras, eyes,  and surveillance.  This has to be a natural preoccupation and subject matter of street artists, as anyone spraying buildings with paint can be arrested under the Criminal Damage Act of 1971 and can be fined or imprisoned for up to ten years if the damage caused is worth more than £5000. However, it is more than that.  With CCTV cameras everywhere, these images ask us to think about how much being watched  on our streets we can  bear in order to feel safe.


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